Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recipe - Sponge cake with raisins and cocoa filling

The sponge cake is one of my favorite desserts at Easter and Christmas time. Some people might call it pound cake but I think it's somewhere between sponge and pound cake. I love to make it fluffy and soft and add lots of raisins and cocoa filling, sometimes I even end up doing it too much but it seems my family and I are on the same page as they never complain. Or maybe they're just scared of my anger.

I like to serve this cake as a dessert and sometimes as a snack or even dinner, with a glass of warm milk, when I feel too full to eat anything heavier. Being so fluffy and airy it's quite easy on my stomach and digestion and the best part: it's easy on my hips too.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Giveaway - Little Passports 12 Month Subscription & Melissa and Doug Birthday Bundle

Little Passports image

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I've got a soft spot for Little Passports for a few good reasons. First of all it's been founded by two moms. Then Little Passports is a fun way for kids to learn about other countries and the 50 states, incorporating the element of surprise and joy with the online games kids love today. The two moms have blended these two concepts and developed the idea of monthly travel packages, including letters, souvenirs, activities and online games.

And if that's not enough to simply adore them, Little Passports is hosting another fun giveaway to continue their 5th Birthday celebration this week giving my readers the chance to win a prize worth $250!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Little Miss Fashion

Image of Ellie, the Little Miss Fashion

I haven't been able to put my little angel, Ellie in the spotlight and showcase her Little Miss Fashion outfits in a long time, mainly because:
A. She either hates photos with all her tiny guts or she's way too shy for my taste as she always runs away when I try to take a photo of her. I never manage to catch her standing/sitting still to shoot a proper photo.
B. The moment she's all prettied up, she turns into a piggy, literally. Anything dirt, mud, sand is so attractive to her, the dress is ruined in a matter of minutes. She is such a tomboy when it comes to playing.