Friday, November 09, 2012

Captain's log - day 5

      Written yesterday, before finding out we are actually heading towards the storm that's following Sandy.

        Seven days on a rough ocean, 5 almost down...that's not too bad for a small, old ship like ours. The ocean's immensity and the mighty wind seemed to have taken the life out of this little toy at one point, but it managed to go through all these with such braveness.
        The wind is now only 38 kts, the swells are just 7 feet and the ship's speed is 17 kts, getting us closer and closer to that precious land. If we can make it out of the Bermuda triangle...
        The skies cleared up significantly, the sun takes quick glimpses from behind the clouds, the sea is finally blue and the waves hitting the ship's wall are forming a beautiful white-blue foam I keep admiring for minutes. They're hypnotizing me for some reason.

         So one might think as the weather "cleaned up", the seasickness would be gone by now. I should be so lucky! For some strange reason, the ship is still rocking and rolling like hell, taking the life out of me and the calmness out of my mind.
        Just take a deep breath, Petro and let the sun's warm, beautiful rays caress your face and body with energy and happiness.

                                                                  Two more days to go...
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