Monday, December 31, 2012

Ready or not, here I come!

        That's what 2013 thinks at this moment, I swear to you! The time simply goes by and doesn't give a damn if we are ready to do the same or, as in my case, not.
        I really am not ready to move on and I am definitely not looking forward for the new year's challenges and I've got a very good, simple as "abc" reason for that: I've spent half of the 2012 away from my daughter and those are priceless moments that will never, ever come back. So I'm still stuck in 2012, wishing I'd had the ability to revert time and enjoy every little second I've lost, and cry every little tear I would have most likely shed throughout all this time if I were next to my baby girl, out of joy and excitement to be the mother to this unique human being Ellie turned out to be, from the very second of her life.

        In spite of all the "drama" going on in my head right now, I'd love to be back home, in Romania at this time a year, to those magical places that I've learnt to love and appreciate even through their ugliest moments.

But instead of freezing my bottom over there, I have to "put up" with this hotness and all the sweat involved...

And no, I do not have time for this...

Happy New Year, dear friends!!!