Sunday, January 20, 2013

Once a traveler, always a traveler


     It's that time of the year when the seaman mom has to take her small, ordinary life, fit it nicely and tight into a couple of tiny, teeny bags in order to keep up with all those dictatorial airlines policies that make our lives oh, so much "easier", and then drag the mentioned life through a zillion of airports to her final destination:

 Home = baby Ellie = Heaven!!!

        For that I have to endure about 36 hours of no sleep at all, crappy, nauseating airport/airplane food, dehydration due to air conditioning that also does a great job at freezing my bottom up, then run my lungs out through a couple of airports because one of my flights is arriving late and there's not much break in between the others either, while putting up with about a billion of panic attacks and shortness of breath as we all know how brave I am when it comes to flying.

     But the thought of finally being with my sweet, girl after more than four, torturing months and get to spend priceless moments together, beats up the hell out of all those 36 hours! 

        So toughen up, sissy! There's no time or place for whining! Your little angel is waiting for you!

        Until the next time, Kisses to you all, dear friends.

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