Saturday, February 09, 2013

Features of a mother

        Getting back together with my baby daughter makes me face again the truth about being a mother, as hurtful as it might seem on my features.

        That's how you recognize a mother whenever you see a woman and she should only be proud of her looks as no one else in this world can put up with all the screams, dirty diapers, the fuzzy eaters, the temper tantrums triggered by God knows what about a thousand times a day, the energizer bunny's hopping's and running's around the house, the "No, No, No"s she gets every second of the day, all the broken heads, lips or noses and the nasty bruises the babies get about every time they move (and boy, they move a lot!):
        - Extremely dark, large circles around her eyes that scream "I haven't slept since I've been born!", even after as little as one sleepless night;

        - Dry skin, large pores, chapped lips and oily complexion;
        - The three hairs left on her head in a strange shape of a "lioness do" that point to her either being engaged in playful fights with some tiny, teeny hands on a regular basis or her being the guinea pig of a baby hairdresser's experience;
        - The ever too long and unkempt nails;
        - An unflattering saggy belly, a "blessing" even for the skinniest of us, following some wonderful 9 months of huge tummy expansion and few more years of complete lack of exercise afterwards;
        - Wider, rounder hips due to the abdominal muscle gap created by pregnancy;
        - Cellulite all over the place. That's right! Even if we were the proud owner of a cellulite free body before our babies, the facts are drastically changing afterwards. The hormones are playing a major role on that and there's nothing we can do. Not that we've got the time to reconsider and watch our diet or do any proper work out, to give nature a helping hand. That is not a priority anymore. Baby is the word these days!

        So any time you see a woman looking like this, feel free to show her the biggest respect as she is a MOTHER, people! She conceived, gave birth and raised children and no one else can do the job like her while looking like Heidi Klum. Err...unless they have Heidi Klum's money.

P.S. Did I even brushed my teeth today? Oopsy