Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter blues

Ellie and I bringing up a pop of color

Last year, the whole Europe experienced one of the toughest winters in the past 50 years and Romania was no exception. For about 4 months all we could see around was a sea of white, with just a few human figures sprinkled sparingly, like black polka dots (by the way, what's up with people wearing all black during cold months? Spice up your lives a bit, it can only do good to your winter blues. Clue below) I had terrible troubles getting out with the girls, even more with my car because of frozen brakes, my bottom was constantly freezing (ok, it was more like my feet and hands) and I had to carry a shovel every time I was trying to get out of the freaking house, in a desperate attempt to maintain my poor sanity within an acceptable range. Useless, if you ask me, both the shovel and the attempts.

This year, being away from home for most of the winter, at least the snowy days part, I actually miss those insane days, I wish I could have a few more days of that terrible winter, only because I had big plans with Ellie. For 6 months I was dreaming of building her first snow man in the park next to our house, playing with little snow balls and rolling around the bed of snow, covering the whole park with her cute, crystalline laugh.

Ellie trying to build a snow ball

I should be so lucky :( I only caught 3 days of snow and the whole time Ellie was sick and we barely managed to get her out for a couple of minutes a day, for a bit of fresh air.

But I found some relief after seeing these pictures, she actually had her share of winter fun with her other "partner in crime", my niece Sofi.

Ellie and Sofi are ecstatic about snow

The girls attempt to draw a snow angel
The girls trying to draw a snow angel

So no more winter blues for me this time. Just blues...as lately it's been raining a lot.
And it's raining and raining and raining...

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