Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Miss Fashion

     I am nothing but a girly girl and although I try hard not to influence my daughter and allow her fashion "spirit" to grow based on her own choices, I cannot help but to dress Ellie as girly as possible.      
        The obsession gets immeasurable proportions and escalates to the roof when an opportunity actually requires me to dress Ellie more formal, as it has a while ago, on a family party. I might have actually overdone the cuteness...at one point I thought the guests would get stomach sick of so much sweetness. 

        But seriously, how can I not try my best and make Ellie the hot spot of that party? 
She is a Diva, after all, she's mommy's girl.

So what's more girly than a dress?

The answer is: pink on a dress, 
even if it's just on a few little details.

Add up a cute Hello Kitty, hair clip (while ignoring the boo-boo on the forehead)...

...then later on add  some more cuteness with a pink bunny clip...

...plus a flowery detail on the dress and Voila! Here comes the most girly munchkin ever!
The green-ish/mustard-ish main color of that dress
 has no chance of toning down the sweetness.

I am hopeless, I know. But I swear I'm gonna get "cured". 
Next time I'll try more boyish styles.
You wait and see!!!

Dress - Genuine Kids OshKosh @ Target = $5,25(shocker!)

Blouse - Carter's = $4,00

Thights - Richelieu Girls @ Target = $6,99

Shoes - Momo Baby @ Target = $19,00

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