Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lost in the Seven Worlds

     In spite of all the bad "advertisement" Romania gets, mainly thanks to its "black sheep" specimens (and we all have some of those, aren't we?), I've always been proud to be a Romanian.
      I've got reasons to, all around me, and all it takes is to just open my eyes and heart. It's all about this cute, old little lady, living next to my house that always says hello, even though she is deaf, or that beautiful nature all across the country, or maybe it's the long, long line of talented poets and writers the modern world kind of forgotten about or at least they put them under an undeserved obscurity.
      And as of yesterday it's all about a woman, named Petronela Ungureanu, a wonderful, extremely talented blogger and a "virtual" friend of mine as we've never met in person, delighting us with her unique writing skills at Why I Wake Up Every Day.
        Yesterday she was the Queen of the day as her first magical short story has been published in USA. I mean, a Romanian has been published in USA, people!! That is beyond huge and I'm sure you can understand my enthusiasm and my excessive patriotism. I am more than proud to be this woman's compatriot! I thank her for making us all feel so good about our people and our beautiful country and wish her the best of luck with all her endeavors, although with her talent she doesn't need any, it will all come naturally.

        Petronela's book, "Lost in the Seven Worlds", is now being sold on Amazon. It's a beautiful novel written out of sadness, during a tough time for the talented author's personal life. As Petronela has beautifully written on her blog, "the desire to escape the harsh reality urged me to venture in this fascinating journey of concocting my own fantasy stories".

        Here's a blurb of the story, as written on her blog:

        "When a young woman finds herself captive in another world, she commits the imprudence of falling for a disgraced unearthly man. In the name of love, she is confronted with a most disturbing demand and she must face a crucial resolution. Will the woman lost in the Seven Worlds, be able to face the challenge of a love beyond mortality?"

         And if that wasn't catchy enough (as if), you can read some more on the sample offered by her publishers over here. But I must warn you, once you take a pick you'll definitely want to buy the book, which I highly recommend. I'm sure you too love mystery and fantasy stories and magic and fairies and a good, intriguing subject, right? I mean, who doesn't? Petronela's novel is the best place to find all these.

                        For ease of reference  here's the direct link to Petronela's book on Amazon. 


Thank you all for showing her your lovely support
and enjoy reading this magical book.
You'll thank me later :)

P.S. All photos are "stolen" from her blog.
That should give you a hint about her great, unrivaled taste.

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