Saturday, March 23, 2013

Newest playground on the block

        As mentioned a couple of days ago, our two little girls we are so blessed to have in our lives are a continuous source of fun and entertainment.
        Ellie's latest "innovation"? Her own tiny, teeny playground. One could never understand how much fun and exciting is to play over there. Also one could never come up with such an extraordinary idea: play inside the laundry sack (or basket for what it's worth, as she's just tried that too but I've missed taking pics). Anything laundry related, that's her whole point.

        And yes, as you most likely assume, she was crying when she's noticed getting out the sack is not as easy as getting in. The giggling and crystalline laughing has suddenly became nothing but a drama. Well, she is her mother's daughter, a Drama Queen in the making.

        Bottom line: parents, don't buy all kinds of expensive toys, you already own the best ones and our kids enjoy those much better. It seems they are way more fun than the fancy ones we give our soul and entire funds to buy.

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