Thursday, March 07, 2013

Things I'm ok with these days pay for an hour of gym classes and spend only 15 minutes, literally walking on the elliptical. start a diet every day and give it up by noon. At least I eat healthy for half a day, right? eat with a fork at the Chinese restaurant and not give a damn when other people give me (stuck up) looks. Chopsticks can be lethal weapons, people at the Chinese restaurant, just so you know.

Self bought freesia get myself a flower once in a while and pretend it's from a secret admirer. Husbands need to be reminded we are still (needy) women, that after the whole wife/mother thingy ends up at one point during the million hours long day (God please make it happen today), we crave for attention and love. steal style tips from other girls and wear the stuff as if I own the idea. It's mostly fashion magazines, I'm sure they'll forgive me. Plus it's all in the name of beauty, hehe

Gary Dourdan of CSI Las Vegas
Gary Dourdan of CSI desperately try and keep quiet while watching CSI Las Vegas. I gotta catch the criminal, you see! Ok, you got me! It's because of Gary Dourdan. hate wearing sun screen and to skip it every summer. close relation to the above, I can walk in the shade and wear a stylish hat and flowy cover ups instead of breaking out all over like a dragon. forget I need 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. There's so much to do in my little world! be totally smitten with my childhood pics. I used to look embarrassed, like I was just passing wind but you gotta love those big, green eyes.

Picture of me at 5 years old
Petro, a 5 years old dork

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