Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week end delight

English: Red bell peppers. Suomi: Punaisia pap...
English: Red bell peppers. Suomi: Punaisia paprikoita. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As I kept praising through countless posts, my mom is the best cook ever. Whatever she puts her hands on, transforms into the most delicious food in the whole history of human kind. I mean it! I don't know what she does, but everything turns into the most luscious food one could ever taste. I personally think she uses magic, but I keep failing to discover her mystic chants.
Nevertheless, as long as she keeps cooking we cannot be any happier.

From time to time she decides to change her usual courses of Romanian borscht soups and Cabbage rolls with minced meat and spoil us with a more...delicate food. I call it delicate because it involves more work and attention to details, like these amazing stuffed bell peppers she just finished.

The recipe is not complicated at all, it basically consists of mixing minced meat with rice and spice and stuffing the peppers with the mixture. What takes longer is the way she does everything as she is very picky and high maintenance. When it comes to food she's got high standards and even higher expectations from herself.

Mom doesn't like to buy pre minced meat so she does that at home, with her choice of meat, preferably pork. The peppers need to be yellow colored only, slightly roasted so they give a special taste to the whole mixture while boiling in a large pot and she spends a lot of time, carefully watching the peppers so they won't over roast.

Than the peppers need to be stuffed with the minced meat and that'a another milestone, as the peppers are now soft and they might break if she's not very delicate when maneuvering them.

Than she likes to "seal" the whole meat mixture in by nicely (and again, carefully) covering the peppers with a tiny, finely sliced piece of tomato, again without breaking the damn delicate roasted peppers.

And finally she cooks them on a moderate to low flame for about an hour and a half while we spend out time drooling all over the kitchen, gathered around the divinely smelling pot.

 But the result is absolutely amazing and although it doesn't last more than a couple of hours as we devour all the delicious peppers, the feast lives long in our hearts and minds.

Looking forward to another one, soon. You hear that ma'?

Have a wonderful Sunday, lovely friends.

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