Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not all milestones are pretty

        Today, an "Oops!" moment makes the headlines in our family, bringing up reasonable worries but also some proud smiles on our faces.
        Ellie's got her beautiful blue eyes on this bookshelf for a while and kept analyzing it from every little corner, to our surprise. As parents, of course we could only see the bright side of the story, which is that Ellie is interested in books. I mean, wow! our baby is a genius, right?
Daddy rushing to catch the little "mountaineer"
Right on time for a back fall
       She's been practicing her climbing skills for more than 2 weeks now, using all kind of furniture as her guinea pigs, like small chairs or her tiny kitchen table, until she's felt ready to climb her "mountain", the bookshelf.
        She forgot to work on her sneaking around skills though, as she decided to do the deed right in front of her parents, to their shock and despair. I've gotta be honest, only the fact that I've been leading a healthy life for a long time helped me survive the moment, I literally chocked when in a millisecond she's been teleporting herself from next to me to on top of that high bookshelf.
        It turned out the whole thing wasn't out of such honorable intentions after all, as us, the silly parents have chosen to fool ourselves with. Ellie wanted to climb up that bookshelf simply because it was a big challenge to her, something very exciting to do for such a dare devil like her. Also she just wanted to literally destroy the books, as we've soon learnt, right after she's put her tiny hands on them.

Oops! Got caught!
        I've only had two choices at that time: to freak out and start screaming and shouting which would've only led to no results as my daughter is immune to this kind of treatment (and I praise her for that, it's no way to treat a person) and even more, she stubbornly continues to do even more daring and scary stuff, or take a deep breath and try to chill out, smile and take a picture for posterity.

     I guess the pictures are quite self explanatory :)

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