Thursday, May 09, 2013

No birthday cake? Really?

Over the recent days we've got two special occasions to celebrate, 
the Orthodox Easter on Sunday and my birthday, the next day.

A big fat, juicy

  That's right my friends, this seaman mommy is not immortal after all, it seems she's nothing but a regular person, with all the getting old related stuff involved, you know...wrinkles, poor bones, gray hair and saliva drooling all over the place, sometimes diapers on too. Heck, this is life and I'd better enjoy those bummers since there's not much I can change about it.

       What makes it remarkable about these occasions is the low key factor, totally uncommon in my family when it comes to Holidays and birthdays.
         We have organized a little family lunch on Easter with all my mom's goodies on the table but only a tiny portion of it got to be enjoyed (strangely, as we are big time gourmet people) but for my birthday, we've got nothing. Nada, amigos, not even a birthday candle. Extremely strange, the world must be going crazy or something.
        I've always got something nice planned, no matter the circumstances, at least a yummy chocolate cake but this time nothing at all. Just the usual wishes, kisses and hugs. And you know what? Apparently I don't give a tiny rat's ass about it and I've got a pretty good hunch it's all because of the painful events we were going through lately and will soon experience again, as I'm due to leave my cozy home tonight, far away from my precious little angel and my loving family for too many long months.

    So to sum it all up...
 It's totally cool to not celebrate birthdays. 
As I experienced, the world is not crashing down in horror and 
you will not fall in complete disgrace with fellow humans, 
Nobody holds a gun on you and the skies will definitely not be falling if you don't. 

Have you ever said "pass" to one of your birthdays?

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