Saturday, June 15, 2013

Look good, feel great resolution

        I don' pretend to be unique on this subject as the issue has been under everyone's scrutiny ever since the Homo Sapiens but I do pretend to be one of the few that actually got to try all those "look better, feel great" tips and I promise you, it works. Healthy choices pay out big time and they make a huge difference into one’s quality of life. 
        The problem with me is, the awesome result doesn't last, simply because I'm the weakest human being. I make mistakes, I over indulge, I forget to take care of myself and when I have my daughter around, the concept of "myself" stops existing, period. I am not one of those people that are so active they could cover a zillion things a day and still have free time left to enjoy their life, spoil themselves and get some “me time” every day. I can only focus on one thing a day and when I’m home with my little Ellie, she is my one thing a day, every day.
        And here comes skipping on breakfast or I’ll have just a glass of milk, drinking too much coffee to keep me awake and able to cope with all her restlessness and vivacious personality, I forget to drink enough liquids, sometimes I have none whatsoever and I totally lack on sleep, most times ending up with just 4-5 hours a night. My 3 meals and 2 snack a day plan that I keep making and promising to reinforce each and every day goes to trash in just a blink, as soon as my energetic bunny wakes up. She’s the priority in everything I do, so my healthy life and look good, feel good resolutions become history.
        And it’s all reflecting on my looks, the quality of my skin, my hair , nails, everything screams careless. Plus my energy levels are way down hill.
        Now that I’m away from my daughter again, I strive to reach my old lifestyle, at least for the time I’m away. I have no excuse anymore, apart from doing my job I’ve got nothing else to worry about or take care of, nothing but myself.
        So some simple, easy changes are on my to do list, ASAP: 2,5 liters of water a day, 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks, 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise are nothing else but common sense changes and it should be so easy to keep up with this lifestyle since I’ve done it for so many years, before I had Ellie.
        If I could only find the motivation…Somehow, somewhere along the ride, I kind of lost that and it’s so much harder to find it then to stick with it.
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