Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Miss Fashion

        When I’m home, I’m all focused on my little princess and making her look like the precious angel she is. So as shallow as it might seem, dressing her up became a big part of my day to day life. And since this mamma is all about girly stuff, pretty frills accompanied by shades of pink are mandatory.
        Not that it makes any difference to Ellie. The minute she’s dressed up, her cute clothes become the subject of some dirt, sand or, even worse…mud attack. Just another way of  keeping herself entertained I guess, or maybe it’s what they call…exploring.
        So moments like this one, when her clothes are still nice and clean are priceless and they must be captured and treasured, hehe. I even got a bonus as for the first (and last) time ever, Ellie was admiring her little sandals, just like a Little Miss Fashion :)
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I hope I’ll have time to post an updated “Little Miss Fashion” soon, as Ellie is sailing with us “in style” for two weeks.
For the moment, she doesn’t allow me to stay away from her more than a few minutes.
She is, as always, The Boss :)