Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mission accomplished

        You’ve probably had enough of my constant whining about cold weather so you’ll be glad to find my mission has been completed today, the drama is over :)
        I had finally managed to find the precious sunlight I’ve been praying and desperately waiting for, for such a long time, and spent a whole afternoon soaking up the sun, admiring the sun rays caressing and warming up my skin, enjoying some very peaceful time on my own, on the sun deck of my ship and imagining that this gorgeous sun is there for my benefit only, it’s all mine.

 2013-09-18 13.50.35 2013-09-18 13.50.52
2013-09-18 13.51.02
      It sounds like such a silly thing to people that get to experience the sun or at least the day light every day but for someone that’s been literally dragging their lives through an endless line of very depressing, dark, cloudy or worse, rainy months, a day in the sun is like a miracle. And to be able to see a plane flying on some perfectly clear skies, with absolutely no clouds in sight, feels like heaven.

2013-09-18 13.57.21 2013-09-18 13.56.02

Isn’t the sun such a beautiful miracle?
Make the most of it, my friends and enjoy as much time outdoors as possible,
particularly on sunny days.