Friday, December 13, 2013

The sound of Wedding bells

From time to time I get to become very melancholic, quite unusual for me but I guess after a certain age when one accumulates a large suitcase of beautiful memories and a few good wrinkles that feeling is inevitable.
The whole purpose of taking pictures are moments like this one, when you feel like going through all your most awesome pictures, attempting to relive those beautiful times through the power of mind.

 And that's what I was doing yesterday when a sudden urge of admiring my wedding pictures got me restless and anxious.
I have a hunch it's all related to my plans for our 9 years anniversary coming up in February. That will not be able to come true as my beloved soul mate is not going to be here with me but instead, on our special day, he will be riding stormy waters, giving cheers to some dark clouds, at his work place on that cruise ship he's been assigned to.

Our wedding day was one of the most exciting days of my whole life, for so many reasons. I've got the best husband one could ask for, we've been in love for so many years, the little party had more bang and fun than a big bash wedding, we've got all our closest friends and family by our side...The whole day was brightness and sparkles everywhere, in spite of all the rain during the day and the huge snow wave at night time that got us trapped inside the party venue until late morning. We couldn't care less, we were all so happy.

The only thing I wasn't completely at ease with was my wedding dress. I  have been looking for ages for the right dress, that gorgeous, unique, special dress every girl dreams of wearing on their wedding day. I had a very tight budget and all I could afford was a very cheap dress that could only offer me just that: cheap. Those days I didn't have much choice as I would today. Even now at Winter time, I see wedding dresses everywhere, that deliver much more than just a slogan "cheap wedding dresses of 2013". They're all beautiful, comfortable and guarantee they will make a girl feel like a real princess on their special day.

I had found my special dress tough, but through a very non conventional way which apparently (and strangely) is quite an ancestral tradition in some places. I borrowed my best friend's (that's also my god mother) dress as they say it brings luck to the new bride if the original owner has a very happy, fulfilled marriage. She did and still does and so have I.

I blame it on the DressFirst...and my most wonderful husband that managed to put up with me for 13 beautiful, magical years.